brave little mockingbird | The first steps – Developing the concept
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The first steps – Developing the concept

The first steps – Developing the concept

How do you create fashion that matters? Fashion that is more than just a pretty shell? Fashion that inspires people to express their uniqueness?
In this post I will uncover the roots of brave little mockingbird. I will share with you the story behind our concept.

Why do I care?

Fashion has not always been a topic I felt confortable with. On the contrary, when I think back to my teen years I remember dressing as a constant struggle. I would often feel uncomfortable in my clothes and rely on the advice of my younger brother, to not embarrass myself.

Things gradually improved in my early 20s. The change began with a very simple item that would fundamentally alter my understanding of fashion. It began with a scarf. Originally I had bought it as a present for my roommate. But after he rejected it for being to female I decided that I might as well wear it myself.

It was something in the simplicity of this item that inspired me. Playing around with its variability, trying various knots and combinations opened my eyes to a new understanding of fashion. Suddenly fashion had become all about me. No rules that I had to follow. Just the profound experience of empowerment in exploring my own style.

It is this experience that has inspired my ambitions in fashion. The dream to translate my personal experience into a concept that I can share with others.


From dream to concept

It took a special encounter to transform this dream into a realistic concept – Kaustav – an industrial designer and artist from Calcutta, India that I met in Betahouse Berlin. In the beginning it was a shared interest in design that brought us together but what truly united was the deep-rooted belief in making a difference. This is how Kaustav became the first person to share my belief that fashion should matter.

The core idea in our approach to fashion is that we do not intend to reinvent the look of fashion. We do not care too much about trends and nor are we particularly interested in the fancy shells presented by famous designers. What matteres to us is the experience of the individual wearing these cloths.

The two essential elements that we want to share through brave little mockingbird are:

Freedom & Empowerment

The key to freedom lies in simplicity. Plain designs that leave the creative space for you to unfold your personality. Basic items that you can freely combine into you own style. Essentials as the building blocks of your story.

Empowerment is all about sharing this story with the world. Let the spirit of color be your voice. Express yourself through the essential four – blue, red, green and yellow. Four colors designed to both complement each other when combined and set a strong statement on their own.

colors 2

Freedom & Empowerment as the elements translating into our basic design principle:

“At brave little mockingbird we do not want to reinvent the look of fashion. What we want revolutionize is how fashion feels to the individual.”


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