brave little mockingbird | – out of the dark – Why your story matters!
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– out of the dark – Why your story matters!

– out of the dark – Why your story matters!

Sometimes it seems like the world is falling apart. It feels like we are living in constant crisis, since all we hear about in the news is – catastrophes, terror, crime and of course Donald Trump!

It begins in the morning. Usually when I wake up I like to enjoy a few more minutes in the comfort of my bed. I will often roll over and grab my phone, quickly check my email, WhatsApp and Facebook. At the latest when I get to SPIEGEL-Online (one of Germanys biggest news websites) it hits me – with bad news!

It is true that bad news sells better than good news, but that does not mean that it is ok. It profoundly affects our lives when all we hear about is bad news.

Sure, we need to care about what is going on in the world, even if it is frustrating. That is the reason why I will continue to check the news every morning. But this does not mean that what we see in the media is all we need to see.

There is another truth beyond the spotlights of big media. Mostly unnoticed it appears too ordinary, too insignificant to get much attention. It takes a close look to discover the value of what lies there hidden in the dark. This is the truth that has the potential to transform our world – the little story of the brave little mockingbird.

In the shadow of the big news it is the little stories that shape our lives. It is very easy to destroy something. But it takes much more effort to create. And that is what these little stories are about. The people around us who take a little step every day to follow their dreams. The countless small gestures and acts of kindness that connect us. From above they might seem ordinary, but down here they make a difference. For it is these brave little mockingbirds who make life – be it in a world of crisis or not – beautiful.

Now it is your decision. Do you want to accept a world controlled by the big stories? Stories that tell you how everything is falling apart, that fuel fear because they focus on radical outliers. Or are you open to listen to the little ones as well? Are you willing to value the small gestures of humanity from the people around you? Are you ready to appreciate that an act of courage that seems insignificant to others can mean a whole lot to you?

Join us and help bringing the little stories out of the dark. In our campaign we do not work with perfect models. We want to feature men with inspiring stories.

Who that is, is up to you. Let us know who it is that you would like to feature in the campaign. Someone you want to show you appreciation. He does not have to be impressive as long as his story matters – to you!

And this is how. Have the courage to show your personal brave little mockingbird that his story matters. Pick a campaign badge on our facebook page and share with him. If you like you can add a few encouraging words, otherwise all he needs to know about the campaign is contained in the description below the badge.

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One of these stories is the story of Ayad and Daniel, who we have nominated as our first brave little mockingbirds. Neither of the two would have ever pushed himself into the spotlight. But we think that their story matters. In the light of all the big headlines on the so-called “refugee crisis” this is a story that needs to be heard. While the media is hyping inflated fears and concerns these two show that on a personal level things can sometimes be very simple and therefore all the more beautiful.

If you are curious to know more or you would like to like to take part in the campaign please contact us:
– via email:
– on facebook
– or by phone: 004915770212874
We are excited to get in touch with you and to listen to your story!


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