Life is about more than perfect looks and fast moving trend – and so should fashion. This is the guiding principle behind brave little mockingbird. Our goal is to create a basic collection that inspires men to explore and express the uniqueness of their character. For this we combine two very powerful ideas:


Focus on color

Nothing gives more expression to fashion than color. And still it is widely neglected by men. That is why we decided to focus on four colors, the essential four – blue, green, yellow and red. In our set every color can be freely matched with the other three. The simple idea behind it: Exploring color should be a joyful adventure. We want to encourage men to show color rather than worrying about mismatching colors and patterns.


Keep it simple

We focus on basic design. Design that leaves room for the individual to be filled with personality. We don’t want to set trends. We want men to explore their own style, by playing around with our collection. For the essence of style lies in the wearer’s being true to the uniqueness of his character.