brave little

We want to create fashion that matters.
Fashion that inspires men to explore their uniqueness
and express it through their own style!

This is where the story begins

Sometimes it is the very small things that matter most…

…it might begin with something as little as an idea

…and all it takes is a brave heart with a dream to make the difference!

Discover the concept behind the brand!

about us

Nothing is as precious as the beauty you carry inside yourself. But nothing seems as hard to find either.



This is why we want to go this path with you.

We want to take you on an adventure. Explore the creative power of your true self. And discover the pride in expressing it through your own style.



As different as we might be – a designer and artist from Calcutta and a business school graduate from Hamburg – it is this dream that unites us. And the foolish believe, that a brave little mockingbird can make a difference in this world.